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Located in Los Angeles, World multicultural Center, All-Texts’ aim is to provide quality translations at a reasonable and competitive price. We have been serving clients locally and abroad since 2001.

Our specialization is French and Spanish, and we also provide translations in several other major languages, such as Italian and German, Japanese, etc., with translators often residing in L.A.

We use highly-qualified, experienced translators who produce documents in their native language for accuracy. All our translators possess at least a BA degree and are tested thoroughly beforehand for their fluency in both target and source languages.

Translation is an art and science; therefore, our work is not just faithful to the original text, but also expressed and recreated in the target language with the necessary terminology and cultural nuance.

Our large databases of terminological glossaries and Internet sources ensure that the proper work is chosen, suitable to the context, and sufficiently precise to satisfy the exigent reader. We also provide phone interpreting services.

All-Texts was conceived during an odyssey that encompassed ten years (1992-2002) of travel and residence in Western Europe, Turkey, Poland and the Czech Republic.
The manager of All-Texts has used French, Spanish, Turkish, Czech and Polish daily while residing in these countries and has ample experience in the field of translation.
An American citizen and native speaker of English, the creator of All-Texts understands the vital need of translating the languages of the World into correct English for business and global harmony, as well as the importance of quality, native-speaking translators of French, Spanish, and other languages.

We translate: immigration-related documents, business correspondence, legal documents, contracts, technical manuals, diplomas, marriage and birth certificates, literature, advertisements,etc.

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