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All-Texts Global is a discount translation agency that has served Los Angeles and all of California, both corporate and small business, and several clients abroad, since 2001.

We are fully integrated to set up translation projects for our clients and produce documents that emphasize cultural and terminological nuance, faithful to the source text, yet rendered in the target language for the satisfaction of the exigent reader.

We use only educated native speaker translators who specialize in their single language combination.

All-Texts Global was created in this world multi-cultural center, and has provided translation services for the Western European language projects here, and taking advantage of our city's Pacific Rim focus, has worked also with the Asian language market.

With offices in Los Angeles, serving California, all the USA and European clients, and possessing a worldwide database of translators, we are truly global.

We are additionally specialized in French>English business and legal translation.

The manager of All-Texts Global Translation Agency, a native of L.A., has resided in Turkey, Poland, France, Spain and the Czech Republic and has networked with their regional business entities and language experts.