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Assoziierte Dolmetscher und Übersetzer in Norddeutschland e.V.

Institute of Translation & Interpreting

Société française des Traducteurs

French Embassy in the United Kingdom



New projects in 2007 and beginning of 2008 include a 40,000-word document on specifications for an office Internet network and global cellphones. We have translated these documents into Japanese, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Korean.

Other projects are French>English translations of legal documents for the acquisition of campus properties in Switzerland by a private university.

In addition to this , we have been translating a lot of birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, transcripts, and other documents for client's immigration documentation in French and Spanish.

Other projects include:


-50-page French>English certified translation of estate documents for fiduciary company: mortgages, diplomas, birth and marriage certificates, government documents, business correspondence ,business emails and handwritten letters, bank check details, deposit receipts of construction permits, detailed bank information, articles and clauses of contracts, money transfer details, agreement protocols. Translations certified with notarized statement of accuracy

-Instruction manual in German

-Spanish, French, Italian, and German translations of Nike Sportswear product descriptions and advertising

-FERNAND AUBRY cosmetic products instruction manual, Publishing contract for Orion Books and -Hachette Livre , "Asterix" illustrated books, French>English

Aurore-La Belle et Les Bêtes. Screenplay/film treatment written by Antoine Lacomblez and Isabelle Pandazopoulos. Inspired by Marie Zamora

-Herbal medicine and cosmetics website, French>English
-BIOGÈNE company herbal treatment information booklet/manual
-EURONEXT French Bourse (stock market) analysis
- 50,000-word tourism database on Provence, France
-Legal Summons for AIR LIQUIDE, France
-Legal contracts for MICHELIN TIRES FRANCE and MICROSTRATEGY, French>English
-BUREAU DE GARANTIE DE PARIS-“Avifauna of Mexico” environmental agency report , Spanish>English-Film review in Le Courrier Picard for Hair of Dog Productions, West Hollywood, Fr>Eng
-Company employee survey for Universal-McCann, Fr>Eng
-First Amended and Restated Operating Agreement for California Limited Liability Company, English<>Spanish
-Business correspondence for Hotel Rex, Lausanne/Pepperdine University, English>French
-Interpreting assignments for Los Angeles business: French, Spanish, and Japanese
-Diplomas, transcripts, certificate translation for French, Canadian, Spanish, and Latin American students, job applicants, residence visa applicants
-Commercial Mandate and Power of Attorney documents for Mexican-American business
-Website and video transcriptions for Latin American women's issues
-Legal contracts for Le Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou/Hammer Museum, French>English
-Fire accident investigation, French>English for Lumberman's Underwriting Alliance, PYROTECH BEI, and Chantier de Chibougamau, Ltd., Quebec
-Flyers in Spanish for Santa Monica Medical Center, Inc.
West Hollywood,
-Custody agreement for Quebec court, French>English
-SEBJ hydro-electric plant: labor contract and construction manual, French>English, 30,000 words
-French-Canadian corporate leasing contract
-Linguavox, Spain: "Statutes and Deliberations of General Assembly" business contract/minutes for French African company
-Stradivarius authentication certificate (of years 1930 and 2001), French>English
-French pharmaceutical industry proposal
-SPANISH AGENCY OF MEDICINE, Consumer and Health Ministry: "Botox" pharmaceutical line approval, Spanish>English
-Legal contracts for Costa Rican business, Spanish>English
-Embassies, CV/resumes for French business representatives in Prague, translation of embassy websites, food product brochures, government documents, etc.
-Editing and proofreading of legal documents and company reports for European companies in Prague
-Aplicaciones Organicas, S.A., Spain: organic agriculture brochures, Spanish>English
-Cover articles for The Reporter English language magazine, Fuengirola, Spain
-Travel articles for Transitions Abroad (USA).





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