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University Degree

B.A. Languages and translation, Faculty of Languages, Ein Shams University, Egypt

Courses Gained

Courses in DTP on MS Word
Courses in Management
Courses in HTML programming
Courses in Visual Basic
Courses in computer Networks

1- Worked as a translator, Senior translator, Reviewer and Senior reviewer in
some of the leading localization companies in the Middle East.
2- Worked as a Desktop Publishing specialist, using word.
3- Worked as the Translation Manager in one of the leading localization companies in the Middle East, for Arabic,

  1. Excellent experience in some programming languages, like HTML and Visual Basic. Made some programs to facilitate the translation process in my company.
  2. Excellent Medical background. Translated and reviewed many manuals for some Medical hardware.
  3. Excellent Technical Translation Background, with knowledge that exceeds 5 years in the field of localization and translation.
  4. Excellent background in the translation of software programs, like Microsoft, Oracle, Siebel, AccPac etc.
  5. Excellent translator for web sites and html files, with great experience in Microsoft, Oracle, and many other companies
  6. Excellent knowledge in the translation of Finance and economy
  7.  Excellent knowledge in the translation of printers software and hardware, like HP, Lexmark, Canon, etc.
  8.  Excellent Internet navigation knowledge
  9.  Ability to learn the latest translation tools in the field of localization.
  10.  Excellent Automotive translation background, with experience in the translation of different manuals for Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Bently, Chrysler.
  11. Translating huge contracts and other legal documents, etc…

Computer Skills
1- Excellent User of Computer, for a very long time.
2- Software Knowledge includes the following:
3- Microsoft Office Package (Word, Excel, Access, Front Page, Outlook), 2000, 2002, 2003
4- SDLX 2003, 2004 (I have full versions with Dongle)
5- Trados 6.5 (Full Versions)
6- Idiom   
7- Adobe Photoshop
8- Adobe Acrobat Reader and Writer
9- Microsoft Mailing Programs (MS Outlook – Outlook Express)
10 Oracle HyperHub
11- PageMaker
12- Able to work on most of the most common operating systems, Windows, DOS, and MAC
13- All well know DTP programs


Quality Control
1- All files that are subjected to my translation are translated, reviewed, and proofread to guarantee the best quality possible
2- In case of big projects, more than one resource is used, and I review after them.
3- A glossary is delivered with every task to make sure that the client is well aware of the latest changes in his task.
4- In case of the client’s request to use a TM, both the uncleaned file (the intermediate file) and the TM are considered to be owned by the client and are delivered to him with the final deliverables.

Projects Samples:Arabic-English translations

1- Nissan
2- Mercedes Benz
3- Chrysler
4- Microsoft
  1. Oracle
  2. Mitsubishi
  3. Sony
  4. Many medical projects
  5. Many management, financial and political books
  1. Siebel
  2. Siemens
  3. Nokia
  4. Canon
  5. HP
  6. Mitsubishi
  7. Sony
  8. Goggle
  9. Bently
  10. Audi